Monday, March 16, 2009

Machan-a Review ['මචං' ගැන කෙටි සටහනක්]

I got the opportunity of watching "Machan" at "5th Dubai InternationalFilmFastival-December 11-18 , 2008" on its second day, 12th. Its yesterday, of course i couldn't stop writing about this film sincei came out from the 12th theater hall of "Mall of the Emirates-Cinestar".

such gravity of writing about this film is an accident, in fact totally unexpected. Anyway i reached the theater 3 hours before knowing how the Dubai behaves in such fast phased environment, always surprises take place, so to avoid any miracle there at the MOE[Mall of The Emirates] I prepared go there in advance. Timings of screening could go up and down depending on the demands or some other reasons because Dubai is a miracle land floating on money, simply on cash flow! not funny at all...

Dubai is in the other hand the place where all the youth keeping full of hopes to up-lift their lives in an instantaneous fraction of time as the opportunities are superfluous. Here we daily experience young people from all around the world, landing for better opportunities and they will enjoy the miraculous supply and demand theories of governing economic system based on entertainment creation. The affordability of fantasy in Dubai is so competitive and ranges from 50 Dhs to infinitely large sums of currency. The price of the dreams are vary from such a range and everybody has his destiny here.

The economic backgrounds play such a role in the lives of people living bounded by a simple geographical region in GCC.
Comparing the same relative truths on the land of the subjective Sri Lanka, it is always the reality of youth to become a migrant into somewhere else on this planet, other than to suffer the metaphysics on its grounds.
The reality is always a lot far from its imagination. Sri Lankan youth has this illusive mind to capture the good air in some other region of this planet especially in Europe. Their meta-dream made them such a creative to solve the paradox of obtaining VISA. It is the theme of this "machan" movie.
They worked out such a solution of getting out of it.
It is nothing far beyond that to discuss the miseries all made upon this dramatic representation of the saga.
I have my own fascinations on this art work. I think it is important to express those here in this lengthy writing just to make my sign here and on your mind , thank you for your patience on reading up to thispoint , please keep that to a little extent too...

In the movie, i found many places where I can feel the language of cinema comes out with its glory, i really fallen in love with it, with camera angles+light+emotions and sound.
The screen shot starting with the look back of the past of his hotel cleaner job profile, suddenly he could realize the hand dryer on the wall, how it become an imaginary enemy , strong metaphor of the same, to his symbolic code. He reacts before leaving the hotel job, as he already got visa to say goodbye to all of his pity , demolishing the hand dryer. This is a very strong psychological symbolization of his anger on the system which he suffered.
the other most beautiful cinematic+dramatic instance is the scene on the gathering of telling stories about German sluts and when the one who is telling the sadistic sexuality on his past experience, he stops somewhere in the mid of the story, explaining about a whipping by the woman to him and changes the story line to another scene. After few cine-minutes[time line of the movie] the scene transfers to the location where all are gathering again in front of the German Embassy waiting for the VISA. Everyone was concentrating on the response of the officers and one who was at the previous storytelling mode, still in his curiosity of knowing what happened after taking out that whip out of that German sluts bed underneath, he simply asks "whip taken out, then?" its a very dramatic scene showing the inner side of the human mind, of course during the struggle of overcoming everything, the sexual curiosity will find it's fulfillment of lack.
This movie has its own sign on the cinematic language which I felt in the dark, so technical.
I would appreciate Dharmapriya Dias and Gihan De Chickera on their warmth welcome at the cinema lobby as we could share a moment of pleasant time together, before going into the dome of celluloid's.

I went empty into theater. I came out with rich feelings on cine-magics...

Some likes enjoying the pity in dramatic form , for me it makes me to think different. This movie has big potential on making a real difference in youth aspects towards the myths of illegal migration.

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