Sunday, January 26, 2014

Being Small by Sindusara Munasinghe

There’s nothing wrong with being small
It could be fun and scary

Sometimes being small is very scary.
Walking through big people with big arms and deep voices,
Growing time by time,
thinking you have a bad sickness that makes you large.

First time feeling the coldness of air,
Gazing at the clouds while singing the ABCs
Being helpless to other people who are hurt
because you don’t know what to do.

Meeting problems you don't know how to solve.
Getting some pain for once, being bullied,
Being teased like a banana being squashed,
or a pear left there to rotten
and falling down in a hole of sadness

You see being small is hard,
But it is not bad,
Cause you never know what you will see,
that you never would have seen if you were big.

Sindusara Munasinghe


සිඟිති සිඳුසර වචන මුතු එකට අමුනල කවියක් ගොතල.
මම ඒක මෙතන පැලැන්දුවා.

හරිම සුන්දර ආභරණයක් මට එය!